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Le nouvel EP de Wax Dey : traite de la mort, de l'amour, de la foi, de la paternité et de la vulnérabilité pendant une pandémie mondiale  

Douala le 30 juillet 2021 - Pendant la pandémie de Covid-19, le chanteur camerounais Wax Dey a été frappé par une crise personnelle qui l'a poussé à écrire et enregistrer une collection de chansons sur sa réalité et, selon lui, celle de la plupart des gens dans le monde aujourd'hui. 

Alors qu'il s'apprêtait à se marier en janvier 2021, il a dû vivre le décès de son ex et mère de son fils en décembre. Il a attiré l'attention du public pour un hommage touchant où il la décrit comme sa meilleure amie et mère irremplaçable pour son fils, s'envolant pour l'Afrique du Sud pour ses funérailles quelques jours seulement avant son mariage au Cameroun. 

Dans l'EP, Wax Dey nous emmène dans un voyage émotionnel alors qu'il détaille franchement la douleur de perdre un être cher (Since you’ve been gone), le lien spécial qu'il a avec leur fils (I will be right there), ainsi que son amour et son engagement envers sa femme (Toi et moi); il lance aussi un rythme dansant et optimiste (Dieu est Bon), et l’œuvre se termine par l'auto-descriptif «Pray for me», adressé aux femmes de sa vie, et peut-être à ses fans. est une histoire vraie; un voyage musical qui traverse les deux pays qui ont influencé l'artiste (Afrique du Sud et Cameroun). Il cherche de la profondeur dans les genres de soul et amapiano en engageant des producteurs de renom - Dj Maspila d'African Rootz et Master KG (Afrique du Sud); Mr. Brown (Zimbabwe) et Method J (Cameroun). 

« L'ère de la pandémie de Covid-19 nous a tous exposés presque quotidiennement aux émotions mixtes de douleur et de joie », explique Wax Dey. «J'utilise mes propres expériences au cours de la période de décembre 2020 et janvier 2021, pour inspirer les gens à faire face à leurs douleurs et à accepter leurs joies - mais surtout, à garder la tête haute et à affronter l'avenir avec honnêteté et courage." 

Wax Dey est chevalier de l'Ordre de la Valeur du Cameroun et coordinateur national du Pôle art musical du pays. En 2016, il a remporté le prix AFRIMA du meilleur artiste masculin d'Afrique centrale. 

L’Ep par Wax Dey est désormais disponible sur toutes les plateformes de streaming.

Wax Dey’s new EP: deals with death, love, faith, fatherhood and vulnerability during a global pandemic  

Douala, 30 July 2021 - In the wake of the novel Corona Virus pandemic, Cameroonian singer, Wax Dey was hit by a personal crisis that moved him to write and record a collection of songs about his reality and, he believes, that of most people in the world today. 

While preparing to get married in January 2021, tragedy struck when his ex and mother of his son passed on in December. He drew public scrutiny for a touching tribute where he described her as his best friend and irreplaceable mother to his son, flying to South Africa for her funeral only days before he got married in Cameroon. 

In the EP, Wax Dey takes us on an emotional journey as he candidly details the pain of losing a loved one (Since you’ve been gone), the special bond he has with their son (I will be right there), as well as his love and commitment to his wife (Too et moi - literally translated form French as You and I); he throws in a upbeat dance song of hope, Dieu est Bon (Good is good), and wraps up with the self-descriptive balled ‘Pray for me’, addressed to the women in his life, and perhaps his fans. is a true story; a musical journey that spans the two countries that have influenced the artist (South Africa and Cameroon). It searches for depth in the soul and amapiano genres by engaging renown producers - Dj Maspila of African Roots and Master KG (South Africa); Mr Brown (Zimbabwe), and Method J (Cameroon). 

“The era of the novel corona virus pandemic has exposed us all almost daily to the mixed emotions of pain and joy”, says Wax Dey. “I am using my own experiences during the period of December 2020 and January 2021, to hopefully inspire people to face their pains and accept their joys - but most of all, to keep their heads up and face the future with honesty and courage.” 

Wax Dey is a knight of the Order of Valor of Cameroon, and the National Coordinator fo the country’s Musical Art Pole. In 2016, he won the AFRIMA (All Africa Music Award) for Best Male Artist in Central Africa. 

The EP by Wax Dey is now available on all streaming platforms.

Artists' Meeting with Minister of Arts and Culture on new law on Artistic and Cultural Associations 

Yesterday, I led a contingent of artists and actors in the music space – Dynastie le Tigre, Duc-Z, Chilli Wawaye, Chi Chi Ladislav, Divine Verjika, Tino Foy, accompanied by Barrister Tezo Abanda, to speak with the Minister of Arts and Culture, Hon. Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Kpwatt and his team about the new law on artistic and cultural associations. Thanks to Adeline Mbenkum for setting this up, and Highman General Salatiel who has been working in the background as well to facilitate the larger process. This meeting was not definitive – it is only the beginning of a process of consultation with the Ministry of Arts and Culture to make sure that we as artists get the best deal possible for our art, and especially future generations, who do not deserve to go through what we, and those before, have gone through. so we call on other artists to join us as we embark on the process.

A bit of background. The law came as a massive surprise to may urban actors, and the terms of the law that relate to getting approval for collaborations and financing of musical enterprises and events/festivals, or the dues to be paid by artists,  among others, has generated anger in the musical milieu. 

Many people requested before that I make a statement about this law – conscious of the weight that my word holds, I thought it unwise to speak until I had consulted with my fellow musicians and also with the Ministry itself. 

In the meeting, we did not mince our words about our unhappiness with the law and its provisions, but we also used the occasion to raise two pertinent issues that require urgent attention.  The need for an 80/20 local content quota  of media broadcasters and entertainment venues, as well as better management of ‘droits d’autuers’ (authors and composers' rights), which requires more participation and leadership by the younger generation. 

I won’t go into all the deliberations but here are some of the issues, the response of the Minister, as well as my impressions: 

Is the law necessary?

Ministry: Yes, the music industry is not structured, and it impairs our ability to defend big budgets  and projects for the sectors before the powers that be, or even to take any meaningful action in favour of artists. The current approach of assisting artists with small subventions for productions is neither sustainable nor impactful. 

My impression: There was no structure before, so this should be a welcome move. I was also satisfied by the fact that these associations, companies, guilds and federations are to be set up by artists themselves, and they will have the rubber stamp of the Ministry to decide and run their own affairs – thereby giving artists official powers, backed by the state. This in essence means that the federations will take the current role of the ministry in setting up and approving projects. This law is not going to be rescinded – let’s face reality. We should take advantage of it and organsie ourselves now – so that we make the best of this power that we are being given . 

How will it affect private actors? 

The industry has grown to what it is today because private individuals (youths) took it up themselves to hustle with practically no government support to build. Does this now seize what they have, and put it under the control of the government, to whom they have to start paying ‘dues’? 

Not necessarily. Joining an association, and its resultant structures (companies, guilds, federations) is optional. But it is advantageous to join it because it is the formal  structure that validates our profession locally and internationally. So for example, the federation will apply for visas for you for tours, to ensure that artists are not denied visas when they have international opportunities. In addition, the internal rules and regulations, contributions etc are determined by the artist members, and managed by the artist members, independent of the ministry. So we can fix it or spoil it ourselves. Other benefits such as health and disability insurance etc will also be facilitated by these formal structures, which give artists real bargaining powers. 

The new law will not necessarily kill activities – in fact, it will open up more opportunities and activities. How? 

The new law on decentralization gives more power and financial responsibilities to councils and local authorities at the grassroots level – sub-divisional, divisional, and regional levels. The organisation of formal associations at all these levels will give artists access to local authority funds to develop their trade at that level. In addition, it gives a structure where artists can tour in all the 58 divisions and numerous sub-divisions through the identification and collaboration fo associations under the  companies, guild or federations – thereby increasing access of artists to the public and platforms nationwide. 

Where to from here? 

The application texts of the law are yet to be established. Let us participate and take control of the structure. If we do not, less qualified people may usuro that position, and we be left complaining tomorrow. That is why t is important to expand our base of artists and remain close to the Ministry so that we impact the outcome and application texts, as well as implementation of this law.

80/20 Quota 

The Director in charge let us know that a 2003 law already allocated 60% of broadcast to local content, and 40% to foreign content, and that responsibility is that of Mincom. We said, based on the experience of Nigeria and South Africa, 60% is not enough, and the application is not effective. In addition, it must be an inter-ministerial activity that can be led by MINAC, since MINAC is in charge of the content and MINCOM is in charge of thee broadcast. 

The Minister made a suggestion that I find reasonable: That the battle will be long and arduous because of our lack of documentation and structure, two essential elements that have seriously hampered the formal development of artistic enterprises in Cameroon. The road map will be to place that as a priority within our federation (since we have to determine our own roadmap) and gather the necessary documentation necessary for him to take that before the Presidency. When it comes from a federation (as Fecafoot in the case of football), it moves five times as fast because it is a formal, state recognized structure, rather than a group of artists just advocating with no formal, legal backing.

The issue of merit and politicization of the federations? 

On the issue of merit, we did not get sufficient answers, and the ministry conceded that it is a problem that exists and will continue to exist, but as a federation, we are best placed to set up our own internal regulations to control it. So for example, what happens if names get changed on lists, or opportunities come up and federation leaders choose those artists that they like, or take off those that they do not like? This is a real problem, and perhaps the answer lies in how we organize and regulate ourselves. 


One of the issues we raised with the Minister’s team is that the law talks a lot about punishment for irregular conduct o association leaders, but does not mention incentives for associations that perform well. This is one of the issues that has frightened a lot of people into looking at it from the negative perspective – For example, given the formal structure, associations should be able to apply for investment loans from banks or investment institutions (just like in Nigeria) , or the government should allocate certain benefits to well performing associations. The point was duly noted, and will be taken into account when drawing the application rules of the law. 

GOING FORWARD  - A personal note 

We have a regulatory law – the law can be an opportunity, if we seize it and make it what we want. Nothing exists as yet. We need to get to work and start building our associations from scratch, giving them our own direction, implementing our own rules and building the industry that we want. We now have a legal structure and independence. The Minister has given us his word, and we will hold him to it. 


There are 24 categories of artistic and cultural activity that ned to be federated. Music is only one of them. Culinary arts, plastic arts, producers, fine arts etc are among the art sectors that need to be structured, regulated and developed. So this is a call to all ARTISTS in all categories to engage in this process and make sure that their industries make the best of the situation. It is not just about music.

WAX DEY launches RISE AGAIN Live Music Tour this Friday in Bonaberi, Douala 

Award-winning Cameroonian artist Wax Dey will be kicking off the RISE AGAIN Live Music Tour this Friday 03 July at 7pm, at Dominion 1, Bonaberi in Douala Cameroon.

This will be the first in a series of live music events to launch of the RISE AGAIN EP, Cameroon's fastest selling EP/Album. Two hashtags linked to the sale of the EP have held No1 and No 2 Twitter trending spots in Cameroon for 4 days consecutively - #Waxdeychallenge and #RiseAgain. 

The EP of six songs was written and recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown and explores themes related to culture, pride, identity and the role of African youth in building a stronger continent after the pandemic. The tour is expected to culminate on August 12 (International Youth Day) with the release of a 'Rise Again' music documentary and an international digital conference, run in partnership with Local Youth Corner Cameroon.

The RISE AGAIN Tour allows limited persons into the venues to permit social distancing, and enforces hygienic measures and facial masks. 


L'artiste camerounais Wax Dey lancera la RISE AGAIN Live Music Tour ce vendredi 03 juillet à 19h, au Dominion 1, Bonaberi à Douala au Cameroun.

Ce sera le premier d'une série d'événements musicaux avec comme but de lancer l'EP RISE AGAIN, qui connait actuellement un grand succès au niveau national. Deux hashtags liés à la vente de l'EP occupent les spots de tendances Twitter No1 et No2 au Cameroun pendant 4 jours consécutifs - #Waxdeychallenge et #RiseAgain.

L'EP de 6 chansons a été écrit et enregistré pendant le confinement dû au Covid-19 et explore des thèmes liés à la culture, la fierté, l'identité et le rôle des jeunes africains dans la construction d'un continent plus fort après la pandémie. La tournée devrait culminer le 12 août (Journée internationale de la jeunesse) avec la sortie d'un documentaire musical «Rise Again» et d'une conférence numérique internationale, organisée en partenariat avec Local Youth Corner Cameroun.

Le RISE AGAIN Tour accepte un nombre limité des personnes dans les salles, pour permettre une distanciation sociale, et applique des mesures d'hygiène prescrites et le port des masques. 

Win your share of 1 000 000 FCFA with Valerie Ayena, Mr Leo and others...  

The #WaxDeyChallenge has been trending on Twitter for the past few days in Cameroon, and you're probably asking what it's about.  

In partnership with friends like Valerie Ayena and Mr Leo, Calabash Music is giving fans a chance to win a share of 1 000 000 FCFA plus many other prizes as part of this challenge. All you have to do to take part is to follow Wax Dey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, then buy the EP Rise Again from his website (2000 F on Momo, OM, Paypal or Card). Then post your receipt + album cover on social media with the hashtag #WaxDeyChallenge. Many winners will be chosen with prizes of between 50 000 F - 200 000 R and more. 


Le #WaxDeyChallenge est en tendance sur Twitter ces derniers jours au Cameroun, et vous vous demandez probablement de quoi il s'agit. 

En partenariat avec des amis comme Valerie Ayena et Mr. Leo, Calabash Music donne aux fans une chance de gagner une part de 1 000 000 FCFA ainsi que de nombreux autres prix. Pour participer, il vous suffit de suivre Wax Dey sur Instagram, Twitter et Facebook, puis d'acheter l'EP Rise Again sur son site Internet  - (2000 F via Momo, OM, Paypal ou Carte). Ensuite, postez votre reçu + la pochette de l'album sur les réseaux sociaux avec le hashtag #WaxDeyChallenge. Plusieurs gagnants seront choisis avec des prix allant de 50 000 F - 200 000 R et plus.


Calabash Music has announced the release of The EP “Rise Again: The Lockdown EP” by award-winning Cameroonian singer, Wax Dey, on June 5 2020. 

 ‘Rise Again: The Lockdown EP’ is a playlist of 6 positive and uplifting songs inspired by the Lockdown due to Covid-19, or recorded during this period. 

On the release Wax Dey departs from his recent urban pop offerings and forays into more soulful and jazz compositions. For example, the title track ‘Rise Again’ is a guitar-based acoustic piece that benefits from thought-inspiring saxophone riffs. Its starkly appropriate message calls on African leaders to facilitate ‘Africa Rising’ post-corona by embracing the values of Love, Hope, Peace and Justice. 

Wayo Wayo features Nigerian-South African award-winning jazz guitar virtuoso, Kunle Ayo. The song delivers a sombre yet comic audition of a jilted lover who must face the lockdown alone, without the warm embrace of his loved one. 

And if Wax Dey’s bare piano-voice rendition of ‘Tomorrow’ leaves you reminiscent of Covid-19’s darkest days, it does share hope for the future and pays tribute to those at the forefront of the fight: “Tomorrow we go be together again; tomorrow our nurses and doctors will be heroes”. 

The themes are not all deep - Wax Dey’s bilingual musical heritage comes through in the Dijay Karl-produced Congolese Rumba-inspired French love song ‘Condamné à vie’ (Life sentence). Then he joins forces with producer Cornel for a playful afropop love song “Face” -  a lyrically naked, somewhat cheesy, yet beautiful love letter co-written with young singer/songwriter, Naomi Mbenkum – “I run go on top Buea mountain, all that I can see is your face” sets the tone. 

“Rise Again: The lockdown EP is a call for Africa to use the experience of Corona to rise out of the myths and shambles that have long constrained us. I think above all, Corona is a reminder that we are all vulnerable, yet all intrinsically resilient, whether black, white, African, European, Asian, blue or red,” says the singer. 

“Corona has taught us to be less tolerant of injustice and inequality. This partly explains the revolutionary stance taken by the entire the world against the racial injustice exemplified by the murder of George Floyd. But it is also time for Africans everywhere to stand up and say, we can no longer accept to be mediocre; we want better leadership, better services, better infrastructure, more accountability and justice. The song Rise Again invokes our sense of culture and identity so that we can fight harder for those ideals that we deeply desire,” Wax Dey adds. 

“But it is not a dark EP. Songs such as Face and Condamné à vie remind us that life must go on – we must fall in love, find new ways to interact socially and enjoy ourselves. Corona, just like 9/11 spells a new era – not a death sentence for the good life,” he concludes. 

As part of the roll-out of this EP, Calabash Music is working on a mini-documentary, in partnership with Local Youth Corner Cameroon, to showcase successful and hardworking Africans working towards the emergence a new Africa, with a stronger sense of culture and identity. 

“I think music has a key role to play at this very trying moment. The "Rise Again" project is very important because it capture key values of building peace and it demonstrates the ability of young people to collaborate to face a common problem,” said Achaleke Christian, Founder of Local Youth Corner Cameroon. 

Rise Again: The Lockdown EP is available now on all streaming and download platform worldwide and on Wax Dey’s official website: 




Tel: +237 694900071 

Rise Again: The Lockdown EP links 

Buy MP3 download/physical copy by Credit card, Momo, OM, Paypal: 


Apple Music: 





Rise Again. Written and arranged by Wax Dey (Nde Ndifonka). Produced by Dijay Karl x Wax Dey. Rhythm and keyboards: Dijay Karl. Guitar: Wax Dey. Piano: Leo Assila. Bass: Michel Nganso (The Finger). Sax: Ernest ‘Sax’ Kamga. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dijay Karl at KbHood Muzik Studios, Douala, Cameroon. 


Wayo Wayo ft Kunle Ayo. Written and arranged by Wax Dey (Nde Ndifonka). Produced by Dijay Karl x Wax Dey. Rhythm and keyboards: Dijay Karl. Guitar: Wax Dey. Additional guitars and solo: Kunle Ayo. Piano: Leo Assila. Bass: Michel Nganso (The Finger). Sax: Ernest ‘Sax’ Kamga. Kunle Ayo guitars recorded at Kcool Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dijay Karl at KbHood Muzik Studios, Douala, Cameroon. 


Tomorrow. Written and arranged by Wax Dey (Nde Ndifonka). Piano by Timothy Ngale. Mixed and mastered by Emil Ngomba at M1 Studios, Buea, Cameroon. 


Condamné à vie. Produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dijay Karl at KbHood Muzik Studios, Douala, Cameroon. 


Face. Written and arranged by Wax Dey (Nde Ndifonka).  Co-written by Naomi Mbenkum. Keyboards by Cornel. Guitars by Blaise Strings. Produced, mixed and mastered Cornel at HT Studios, Douala, Cameroon. 


Rise Again (Instrumental) 


About Wax Dey 

Wax Dey, born Nde Ndifonka, is a Cameroonian singer, writer, TV producer and activist.  He was nominated for Best African Pop Artist at the 2019 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) and nominated in the category of Impact Artist at the 2019 Cameroon Heroes Awards. In 2016, Wax Dey won Best Male Artist, Central Africa at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) and was named by Avance Media among the 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians. In 2015, Wax Dey was nominated Best Humanitarian Artist and Best Dancehall at the Africa Music Magazine Awards, and Best Male Artist at the Cameroon Eleganzza Entertainment Awards. In 2014, he was awarded Top 35 African under 35 by Young People in International Affairs (YPIA) and won the award for Best African Collaboration at AFRIMA. He sings in English and French, and has headlined shows with Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Blackstreet, Knaan among others. He has also collaborated with a host of African artists including Ben Decca, Yemi Alade, Runtown, Cassper Nyovest, Master KG and Mr Leo. 


RISE AGAIN: Music that challenges Africa to do better Post-Corona 

Calabash Music has announced that the new EP of award-winning Cameroonian artist and activist, Wax Dey will be available on all streaming and download platforms on Friday June 5. 

'Rise Again: The Lockdown EP' is inspired by the lockdown due to Covid-19, "a seismic occurence which has leveled the playing field for  countries in the world". This has helped dispel the myth that Africa is 'continent of disease', and it presents Africa with a unique opportunity to Rise Again. There are however, other factors at play: values which must be inculcated into African life and leadership - among them Love, Hope, Peace and Justice. 

Wax Dey is mastercraftsman of activist music - but can be both warm and cool as he touches on both light and deep themes, exploring both deeply soulful and lightly flirtatious rhythms and lyrics.  The EP is already available on iTunes and on the official website: 

Proceeds for the sales will be used to continue a food distribution programme that has been started by Wax Dey, serving vulnerable families affected by the Lockdown.

New Music: Mr Arrogant  

I am pleased to announce that my new single, Mr Arrogant is now available!

Brace up, turn-up alert! - its a whole new vibe, where I take you to the dancefloor with a blend of House and afrobeat. 

The song itself uses humour and satire to throw light on some of the realities of societies - when you are self-confident, you are often mistaken for being arrogant. And then, the issue of women who work hard to achieve success, but are often prejudiced by a sex culture that objectifies them... 

The song is available on all  platforms.

Listen and dance... Do not forget to support by buying if you can, that will help me produce more great content for your enjoyment!!!