1. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is taken off the upcoming EP 'Rise Again (The Lockdown EP)'. It is the only song that solemnly deals directly with the disease. The other songs address life in quarantine.

Rise Again (The Lockdown EP) by Cameroonian singer, Wax Dey, is a playlist of songs inspired by the Lockdown due to Covid-19. The crisis has shown how vulnerable humanity as a whole is, but has also proven how resilient and adaptable we can be. The EP, written and composed in quarantine, contains songs of hope for the future, and deals with both light and deep themes such as desire, pride, culture and identity. It exhorts African people and leaders to embrace the values of Love, Hope, Peace and Justice, in order to emerge stronger from the Corona experience.

Available on all digital platforms on May 29. Available on pre-order now on www.waxdeyofficial.com


Hm hm hm hmm
Yeah yeah

I know say tomorrow
All ting go better
I know say tomorrow
Go bring joy and laughter
Even as today Corona di try to worry my people
With hygiene and faith, we must sanitise to beat this ting o
And for now make we stay home, wash hand with soap
Yeah yeah
And for now, make we stay safe, wear mask for face
I know say tomorrow we go go to school o again
I know say tomorrow we go party bellefull

Tomorrow we go be together again
Tomorrow yeah

I know you love your neighbour
But don't go too close
Greet from a distance
I see many people di suffer
Let's give a helping hand
We must fight together

Tomorrow our nurses and doctors will be heroes
Tomorrow e go better