There are an increasing number of stories on social media of African men  killing their partners. Sadly, many internet users try to justify these acts of abuse and violence as actions instigated by women themselves. This indicates a clear need for awareness raising on domestic violence. 

Many law enforcement officers still view domestic violence as a domestic issue that should be resolved at home. Victims themselves often hesitate to take action for fear of stigmatisation, fear of further abuse, or lack of knowledge. 

This is exacerbated by the fact that in counties such as Cameroon, there is no direct law dealing with domestic violence.

The #RealManChallenge provides men with a platform to take centre stage in advocating for change through:

1. Making a personal commitment to respect women and calling on their peers to be responsible and respect women

2. Calling on their leaders to pass specific laws criminalising domestic violence, and for law enforcement to take more stringent action in favour of victims

3. Calling on women and communities to report cases and suspected cases of domestic violence, and encouraging women to take action against their perpetrators.

Record a video of yourself making this commitment and post online with the hashtag #RealManChallenge and challenge your friends and family to do the same. You can also help by buying a copy of the song 'Affaire d'amour to support the campaign.

There is no law specifically criminalising domestic violence in Cameroon. A law will bring more abusers to justice & save the lives of many women killed by partners. Join me & Sign this petition to call on our leaders to pass a domestic violence law. 


Wax Dey - Affaire d'Amour (feat. Abz)

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Wax Dey - Affaire d'Amour (feat. Abz)

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NEW MUSIC 🎼🔥50 000 women are killed by partners/family every year. We did this song as part of a campaign to start a real conversation among men. Please support by watching, liking and sharing it. Wax Dey ft Abz - Affaire d'Amour (Don't kill your wife) Prod. by Abztrumental x Wax Dey

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